Indian Nukes

May 22, 2007 at 4:01 am 4 comments

It always fascinates me how people can re-write history with 20-20 hindsight. In reply to my blog on Pakistan, one of my most faithful readers suggested that Pakistan’s current instability accounts for India’s nuclear weapons. Sorry, but India’s first nuclear detonation (composed of about 90% of naive Canadian technology exports) took place in 1974, after Pakistan was split in two and (during the 1970 war) and in no sense a conventional military threat.

The Indian nuclear program was in fact a reaction to Chinese military power: first, the crushing defeat inflicted by China in 1962, then the 1964 Chinese nuclear test. It was only after the Indian test that the Pakistani program was set in motion, under a civilian and secular government. It moved as quickly as it did by virtue of considerable Chinese help. Not a Salafist in sight until the American-led operation against the pro-Soviet Afghan government operated through Pakistan.

India now worries more about Pakistan, because it’s dangerously unstable, but the initial nuclear impetus was China. And, why would India be so keen on a nuclear deal with the US (and China so upset) if the motive were little old Pakistan?



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  • 1. José Venturelli  |  May 22, 2007 at 4:29 pm


    7. José Venturelli | May 22nd, 2007 at 4:20 pm
    It is such a continuous bother to see how the world may come to discuss just what the big powers wants us to discuss. The threats, attacks, direct provocations against countries that do not have the bomb fill the papers and the news. Iran is the bad citizen yet they have not produced the bomb except in the warmongers mind. The US and its allies amuse immensely with their own stock of bombs. We are still to see a comment about those that not only have it but have used against people. The US have no right to pretend to be above other peoples, to promote their superiority and selfish unreal righteousness when they are the most aggressive place on earth. I have no sympathy for the bomb but let us not accept to be confined within the walls of cynicism as it is the debate about not proliferation of the bomb. Peace is the answer not war and, within this context what are the US doing to bring peace anywhere? Canada must maintain a high level of independence in this issue. The passage from observer to active go-for in the Afghanistan war is a shame to all Canadians that must end. 2009 as a date to end Canadian engagement in the East for the US, if it ever comes to become a reality, will still be too late. Parties must themselves get rid of their populism which makes them to avoid issues such as denouncing this narrow patriotism and nationalism of the worst kind: justifying military adventurism as it is occurring now. For how much longer?

  • 2. OfficialPro  |  May 23, 2007 at 11:10 pm

    And how shall we bring peace? By singing Koom-bah-yah? Lacing the world’s water supplies with LSD or TCH? By grovelling and kowtowing to those we’re trying to “make peace” with, despite the fact that they’re ROFL at us behind closed doors because they think we seem ridiculous?

    What you lot don’t get is that real peace only comes about AFTER war and the subsequent definitive outcome of victory on one side, and defeat on the other. Far too many believe that “truce” (or “ceasefire”) is something one calls when one merely needs to reload one’s weapon.

    Like it or not, the particular foe we are facing (al-Qaeda and its clones in Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc) do NOT respond to “peace talks” the way you would expect them to. Why do you suppose it is that when Israel offers more to the Palestinians, the suicide bombings go UP? And when Israel says screw it we ain’t talking, the suicide bombings go DOWN?

    USA HAS to be aggressive. Don’t ever kid yourself–the “other side” is ONLY restrained by action. Anything less would result in displaying wide openness for more attacks. What the heck did you think “Blackhawk Down” (the real events, not the movie) was about?! Can you explain why Osama Bin Laden thought that after Clinton ordered that pullout, it meant USA was wide open for an attack (pre 9-11)? If we don’t kick the afts of those who oppose us, they’ll laugh in our faces and do what they want.

    It’s sorta like a schoolyard bully who doesn’t respond to love, therapy, or intervention/conflict-resolution, because he bullies those he KNOWS will not attempt to stand up for themselves. He is a predator, plain and simple, and will not be dissuaded by anything more than a show of strength. So it is with the al-Qaeda and related groups.

    Iran may or may not yet have working nukes, but if you think they won’t have them eventually then you are seriously deluding yourself. And you’re deluding yourself even more if you think they won’t be a GREATER threat with those nukes than USA is. I mean come on, Amadinejad himself pretty much gave the impression that he’d blow the crap out of Israel the minute he got nukes. He’s absolutely 100% certifiably batfeces insane. And it’s laughable to think that Ahmadinejad can be reasoned with in the context of a “peace treaty” or negotiations of some kind. The guy not only denies the Holocaust, he wants to cause ANOTHER ONE for pete’s sake, and we shipped Ernst Zundel to the Germans in shackles for far less, for crying out loud.

  • 3. OfficialPro  |  May 23, 2007 at 11:23 pm

    Ummm, BS, man. That’s not what I said.

  • 4. OfficialPro  |  May 23, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    gah typo, THC..


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