Afghan Senate Calls for Talks with Taliban

May 9, 2007 at 4:24 am 1 comment

Wow! My last post on Afghanistan brought a firestorm of invective pro and con. Some real old fashioned democratic debate for a change. I’ll comment on some of these posts in a day or two. Right now I’m still recovering from a lecture tour (more precisely from the unavoidable interaction with Air Canada).

Meanwhile, a news flash that, as far as I know, was reported nowhere in the Canadian media: on Tuesday, the Afghan Senate passed a formal motion requesting direct talks with the Taliban to avoid further bloodshed. At the same time, the Senate called for an end to the US-led hunt for the Taliban. 

Calls by Canadian peace groups for talks with the Taliban and an end to military operations have been dismissed by the Canadian government and military as naive and a betrayal of the Afghan people. But now those same Afghan people, though their elected representatives, are calling for talks and an end to hostilities.

Now it’s time for Canada’s elected representatives to take action to respect the wishes of the Afghan people. 




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  • 1. OfficialPro  |  May 10, 2007 at 11:54 am

    Peace talks with the Taliban, eh? Does anybody really understand what that would involve?

    Let’s set up an imaginary scenario, where someone, like some Canadian Peace group plus some guys from the Afghani senate, are trying to negotiate:

    Peace side: Will you agree to stop bombing schools and let girls be educated?

    Taliban: NO! Girls must not be educated! If they’re educated they’ll turn into dirty whores that actually work for a living instead of being barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen in a burqa.

    Peace side: Will you call off al-Qaeda? Get them to dismantle their training camps and stop bombing things, if we GTFO?

    Taliban: No! They will bomb you until you accept Islam and Sharia law for yourselves. We are training them for the Global Jihad, and they will not stop. Now, let us ask you a question. Will you convert to Islam?

    Peace group: Ummm, no.

    Taliban: Then you are dead!

    Seriously, how do you negotiate with an IRRATIONAL group whose starting point is “You’re DEAD!”? Diplomacy only works between two groups of rational people. If just one group is irrational, diplomacy and negotiations are futile.


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